What is Digital Vinyl Printing?

Whether you’re a business owner or a printing enthusiast, if you need to print vinyl for your work, such as an advertisement project, printing on shirts or vehicles, vinyl printing is the way to go. Vinyl printing involves recreating an image on adhesive vinyl paper using a cutter to achieve the size you need. The sticky nature of the vinyl paper makes it easy to apply to shirts and vehicles. With a wide range of vinyl sheets available in different purposes and price ranges, you can choose the perfect option for your needs. In this blog post, we will explore the world of vinyl printing and provide you with useful tips and information to help you achieve high-quality results. So, let’s dive in and discover the art of vinyl printing!

What is Vinyl Printing?

Modern vinyl printing contains a reproduction of digital images on sheets of sticky vinyl and produces quality vinyl using ink tanks. Due to adhesive at the back of sheets, you can stick these sheets for your decoration on walls and cars. But in the case of solid metals like walls and glass, you need to use external glue to place vinyl stickers there. Business people use this vinyl printing on t-shirts and vehicles for advertisement. It includes modern techniques for printing vinyl to get desired results.

What is Digital Vinyl Printing?

Benefits of Vinyl Printing 


Since many sheets have different costs, you can charge according to sheet type, size, and color inks. Please don’t buy a cheap sheet; otherwise, it will negatively impact your business. A businessman can generate a handsome profit from these services.


More exceptional your work will get you, new customers. That is why to use effective vinyl that is waterproof and durable so that it can run for a long time. And your customer would be satisfied with your services. 


There are no limitations in Vinyl printing; you can make a lot of customization with your design. It allows you to print vibrant and detailed vinyl stickers with every setting in control to give more liberty to your work. You can print in small and large sizes with the same settings and detailed quality as vinyl printing.

vinyl printing

Formation of Printable Vinyl:

Generally, it is made of two sheets, but there is also some single-sheet vinyl. You have to use external adhesive to stick a single sheet into a destination. Major two parts are the following:

Design/print side:

The Upperside is the design part of the vinyl, and it is also considered the main part since the design is to print on the upper side, so it must be durable enough to run for a long time. 

Lower side:

The lower side is the Adhesive layer through which we stick it onto our surface. This is the secondary side, but glue must be strong enough to abound with the surface. In case of weak adhesive, external glue will cost you extra.

Vinyl Printing Ink lists:

Since printing can be on different materials and surfaces, different inks and printers are used to achieve the best results. Here are some inks for printing vinyl.

Solvent Ink:

Solvent ink can be used for both coated and uncoated vinyl. It uses heat and chemical technology to replicate an image on the sheet. Moreover, it also protects the printed design from sun radiation, reducing the color fading process.

Latex Ink:

The latex used temperature and evaporating water processes to stick the design on the surface. Since in this technology, water-ink is used, it takes time to dry, and if you need instant dry, you must provide a high temperature to dry the vinyl. 

UV Ink:

UV can print on both coated and uncoated vinyl. It uses Ultraviolet lights to print on vinyl. It is used on a hard surface like wood. 

Aqueous Ink:

Aqueous works only on coated vinyl. It costs too much because of coating, and then main printing occurs. Without coating, the printed vinyl can fade in sun rays. 

Usage In different Fields:

Vinyl printing is used in different fields, and as we know, whether it’s businessman or hobbyist, everyone wants to achieve the best match results with their work. We see many advertisements on rickshaws, school vans, and even walls. These all occur with different mediums and inks but the same vinyl printing method.

Every industry is progressing. Just like that printing industry has also grown a lot. From printing at a shop to printing at home with modern techniques, we see new printers launch daily in the market. Due to this progress, it is now possible to get durable and water-resistant vinyl that can run for years. There are also finishing in different ways; you can use glossy, matt, and textured finishing on your printing vinyl. Glossy vinyl gives a sleek and sparkling look to your images. At the same time, texture printing is used by businessmen for advertisement purposes.

Nowadays, we see vinyl everywhere in the shape of banners, posters, vehicles decorations, and rigid materials. However, if we look back in time, there were not many resources to achieve these results. There were a lot of limitations and issues while printing on a large scale which consumes a lot of time. But these days, printing vinyl is faster with efficient results. New colors are discovered daily, which helps in real-time color printing with more details. Outputs have been improved with sharp details instantly due to the Digital Printing of Vinyl.

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