How To Print 4×6 Photos From iPhone or iPad To Printer

How To Print 4x6 Photos From iPhone or iPad To Printer

You no longer need a high-end camera to take pictures if you’ve got an iPhone. Suppose you clicked many saturated and vivid 4×6 photos; you want to decorate on your wall or in a photo book for memories, so you will need to print out these photos. You have multiple ways to print 4×6 images, … Read more

How To Print Business Cards On Epson Printer

how to design and print business cards

A business is based on the quality of the products; how you promote and sell your services also matters a lot to convert a customer. Even if you have the ideal product, your company can suffer if you don’t know how to sell it. A Business card is a promotion that costs you little and … Read more

How to Remove Printer Ink From Hands

We know that premium and strong inks are great for running the printer smoothly and printing with excellent quality. But what if you get the ink on your hands by chance or while changing the ink cartridge? These stains are irritating you. Since ink stains are easy to get but difficult to get rid of, … Read more

How to Print Panoramic Photos at Home

how to get panoramic photos printed

Capturing the most beautiful moment of nature where you have been or you are with a camera or iPhone is captivating and a joy for your memory. To snap such great photos, you need to use the panorama mode of your camera or phone, but when printing panoramic photos, it can be a hurdle. You … Read more

Which One is Better DTG vs DTF Printing

dtf vs dtg printing

Improvements in the technologies have been making positive changes, such as DTG and DTF printing technologies; choosing which one is better has become challenging. Garments printing is increasing daily, and new small startups are coming into the competition. Every business person tries to deliver quality products to its customers. In recent years DTG ( Direct-to-Garment … Read more

How to Remove Screen Printing from Clothing

Screen printing is an efficient way to print out the design on the garments such as t-shirts and hoodies. Sometimes during this process, the design is poorly printed due to its wrong placement, or you misplaced the design and wanted to remove it. You can lose your shirt or hoodie if you are unsuccessful in … Read more

How to Design and Print Package Boxes

how to design a package box

We know that the quality of products you deliver to your customers matters in business, and customers could not compromise on this factor. But if you consider other factors, trust me, this can boost your business and its professional practice. You ship your products to your customer; if you are using a simple box without … Read more

How to Maintenance and Clean Your Printer

how to maintain printer machine

Your printer bears a lot of loading while printing, whether you use it in a shop or office. If the printer gets out of order, it will be a great issue for you until you have a backup printer. Like a man to look after himself regularly or weekly, a printer also needs attention after … Read more