How to Remove Printer Ink From Hands

We know that premium and strong inks are great for running the printer smoothly and printing with excellent quality. But what if you get the ink on your hands by chance or while changing the ink cartridge? These stains are irritating you. Since ink stains are easy to get but difficult to get rid of, so you might be thinking about How to Remove Printer ink from hands.

Don’t worry if you want to go out or get into trouble working with dirty hands; we have found the best solutions to remove printer ink from your skin. One thing you have to care about don’t let the ink on your skin for a long time; apply these methods quickly. That’s why we recommend keeping the products or ingredients to remove the printer ink from the skin near to working space.

How to Remove Printer Ink From Hands

Printer ink is not harmful to your hands, yet you have to remove it to clean your hands. Following are the methods that you can apply:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is slow in cleaning ink and has no side effects. If you have a basic inkjet printer, you probably have this oil in your home or bag. Take some drops on a clean cloth and then scrub it where you want to remove the ink. You will not get the results instantly; you have to repeat the process and, at last, wash your hands in clean water.

Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol can take out the stains from your hands within seconds. Pour a small amount into your palms, then mash them together until the ink stain is transferred to the Alcohol. After that, give your hands a thorough soap and water wash. Additionally, we advise moisturising your freshly scrubbed skin with lotion immediately.


You would be wondering how a hairspray can remove printer ink stains; our staff members have applied this method several times, and the results are pretty impressive. Be cautious not to spray straight onto the ink-stained area when beginning with a small amount. Rub off the ink after it has been used, then wash your hands with soap and water.


Bleach is a sensitive product, and we recommend not using it on the first attempt. Apply the above methods first, and your matter will be solved. Due to its harmful ingredients and smell, it might damage your skin. We agree that it’s the quick method to remove printer ink from hands, but its smell sucks. You need to apply deodorant and wipe your hands multiple times.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover can be used for multitasking because it contains acetone which helps remove printer ink and screen printing. But you have to be careful when applying it as it can damage the take of the polish of your table. In the last, apply a rich lotion to get rid of the chemical smell.

how to get rid of printer ink on hands
Nail Polish Remover

People also Ask

How to Keep Your Hands Ink-Free?

It is recommended to read the instructions before changing the ink cartridges or printing the photos using an inkjet printer so that ink will not get on your hands and fabric. You can wear gloves while performing these tasks. And one last thing, when maintaining your printer, do it in some rough place or store room to avoid the mess.

how to remove cartridge ink from hands
Keep Your Hands Ink-Free

How to Remove Printer Ink from the Skin?

If you got the ink on your skin and want to get rid of it without damaging it, then you can use Baby Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Hairspray because these products do not contain harmful ingredients. Don’t use Alcohol Rubbing and Nail Polish Remover over the skin; it can dry out your skin and cause infection.

What is the Best Way to Remove Printer Ink from Hands?

Your priority should be that product which is slow but not sensitive so that you get no trouble. Our research found that Nail Polish Remover and Alchohol Rubbing are the best way to remove printer ink from your hands due to their quick results.


As we have explained above, you should take the proper precautionary measures before maintaining a printer or changing the ink bottles. When applying substances to your skin, extreme caution should be used. When eliminating stains from your hand, experiment with different options on the list if you are sensitive to certain substances.

It’s usually better to remove ink or toner stains from your skin as soon as possible; baby oil, for instance, is said to be perfectly safe. You should look into expert printer repair services to have your printer mended if it frequently drops ink. Also, if you used any available methods, please share your feedback.