How to Print Panoramic Photos at Home

Capturing the most beautiful moment of nature where you have been or you are with a camera or iPhone is captivating and a joy for your memory. To snap such great photos, you need to use the panorama mode of your camera or phone, but when printing panoramic photos, it can be a hurdle. You will seek to search for printing services in your neighborhood in this scenario.

We will elaborate on the method of How to print panoramic photos at home so your expense for this task can be minimized and you get the results holding the customization on your photos. Do not worry if you have a home printer and think you cannot print panoramic pictures due to size limitations. Here, we’ll go over how to print panorama photos.

How to Print Panoramic Photos at Home

How to Print Panoramic Photos at Home using a Computer

Panorama photos are large formats; you have to choose the canvas and ensure you have everything ready. It would help if you had Software like Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other Printing software you use on your computer. Choose the Dimensions where you want your output results, then drag the photo into software to make some cropping to get the perfect panoramic photo. Then select the highest available dpi compatible with your printer and click the Print button to start the printing process.

You can do this on printer software; we recommend editing software for panoramic printing because it allows you to resize the image that will be perfect for your printer, which means no wastage of paper. Instead of wasting money on cheap paper, it is recommended to buy a thriving and decent paper to perfectly fit the panorama into the frame, which is alluring.

how to print panoramic pictures
Print Panoramic Photos

How to Print Panoramic Photos from iPhone

If you got the right shots but are stuck on how to print panoramic photos at home using iPhone, here is the solution to your query. Printing apps such as Print Studio allow you to make many customizations.
Install the Printing App. Choose the destination where you want to print your photo. It might be paper or cardstock, so select the 12 x 36 inches size.

Make sure your panoramic photo is in landscape because it will print in rectangular size. Select the image and crop it according to your paper size. Click the print button to get your panoramic photo printed!

If your printer cannot deliver the large format panoramic photos, and you need the exact results, you can print in multiple parts. Some app like PanoPrinter allows you to print in sections; in this case, you will get the output without losing its quality. But you must hustle to join these parts together with adhesive or glue.

People also Ask

How do you Print a Panoramic Photo?

We use a computer as it can do a better job rather than printing photos on iPhone because computer software gives you more liability to resize and adjust. You can still print from your iPhone if you don’t require a lot of personalization, though.

how to get panoramic photos printed
How to get Panoramic Photos Printed

What should be the Size of the Panoramic Photo?

We recommend the 12 x 36 inches as standard size; you can crop further. Length must be in a rectangle; otherwise, your panoramic print will not look panoramic anymore.

How to Print large-size Photos?

Suppose you fail to print large panoramic photos and don’t have enough time to print in parts and join them. Then you can take the services from a printing professional they will deliver your order within time.

how to print panoramic pictures
How to Print Panoramic Pictures

Final Words

Panoramic prints look great while hanging on the walls in your office and home and grab guests’ attention. And if you told them it was captured by you? Sounds great! That’s why panoramic photos should be printed with proper attention, material, and size. Hanging a cheap print on the wall leaves a destructive impact on the viewer.

Paper quality is essential in this process if you have the correct size. There are premium quality papers available in the market, serving you the best quality for printing. We are sure that you can print panoramic photos at home. But if you cannot do so, you can take the services from outside. If you are confused, ask in the comment section below, and our relative staff will look into your issue.