How to Design and Print Package Boxes

We know that the quality of products you deliver to your customers matters in business, and customers could not compromise on this factor. But if you consider other factors, trust me, this can boost your business and its professional practice. You ship your products to your customer; if you are using a simple box without any branding, it will leave a destructive impact on the customer. That’s why we are here to acknowledge how to print on boxes and include this factor in your branding.

We have found that customers love the custom designs, and placing them on the product box will make you stand in the crowd. If you don’t know how to design a package box, don’t worry, we will teach in this guide.

Options for How to Print on Boxes

Before you start printing on boxes, you need to know the options available for printing and what is suitable for your business.


Flexo printing is used to place the custom design on the box directly using 3 ink cartridges. It does not require any external sheet or paper to print the design on; this is budget-friendly. With many orders, you can consider this printing when your product is not expensive.


Litho is expensive and used by brands and professionals. For this printing, you need to print on the premium sheets first, and then you can wrap these sheets on your box. It is used by shoe brands such as Nike and Adidas. The quality of this printing is outstanding due to its 6 colors, but premium sheets are very costly.


Digital uses the same technology as flexo and is cost-effective. Small online ecommerce brands use the digital printing technique because it is easy. We recommend digital box printing when you print infrequently.

Steps for How to Design a Package Box

Box Measurement

You need a perfect size for your box before you print a custom design on it. We have found that 10 x 8 x 6 are perfect dimensions for garments and shoe package boxes. You may also utilize a custom box based on the dimensions and volume of your item. Make sure to choose a pack wisely; otherwise, your design will distress if placed wrong.

Custom Design

Once your box is prepared, the following step is to choose the design you want to use and how to construct it. You can make your customized designs in different sizes using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The design should be sleek and straightforward if printing boxes for your shoe business. Printing some stickers on the box would be great if the company included toys or kid’s products.

How to Print on Boxes

You don’t need to buy a dedicated printer for printing boxes; you can use a cardstock printer for rigid boxes. We recommend using an inkjet printer; a laser printer will not stand out. Boxes are hard and contain multiple layers; laser technology is unsuitable for that task. An inkjet printer uses ink that gets absorbed and stuck on the layer; if a box gets scratched during shipping, the design will not affect it. No need to worry about the water ink; it will get dry within a minute. In the case of printing on layers, water adhesive is recommended by professionals.

How to Print on Boxes

People also ask

How to Print on Boxes at Home?

To print at home, you should have a separate space so that after finalizing the box, you can print the design on it and let it dry for a while. Flash dryers can help to let the ink dry, but use the low settings in the dryer; otherwise, it can burn the box.

How to Print Box Labels for Amazon?

We recommend having the best label printer if you get bulk orders on amazon. Otherwise, you can print box labels using a regular inkjet printer after finalizing the design in any graphic software.

Print Box Labels for Amazon

Which method Should I use to Print on Boxes?

Digital and Flexo printing methods are best if you are running a small business and need to print boxes economically. Both ways are cost-saving, but we found Digital more convenient.

Final Words

Customization is very trendy these days, whether customized garments or accessories. Customized boxes are gorgeous enough to play an essential role in branding. Boxes contain cardstock. Using a regular printer on cardstock can be harmful, and the printer’s parts can be damaged.

We don’t recommend buying cheap cardstock because sometimes boxes get torn out during the shipments due to affordable quality. No need to pay a lot to your nearby printing shop for boxes when you can print your boxes at home following print on demand rule.