How to Print From Mobile without a WiFi Printer?

Are you tired of dealing with poor connectivity while trying to print important documents? In today’s modern age, most printers offer wireless printing via Wi-Fi. However, if you find yourself without a Wi-Fi connection, it can hinder your printing capabilities. But worry not! We have got you covered. In this guide, we will walk you through various techniques on how to print from your mobile device without a Wi-Fi printer. We’ll provide you with practical solutions to make your printing process faster and more convenient, even in the absence of internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether printing without Wi-Fi is possible, the answer is a resounding yes! Let’s dive in and explore the options.

How to Print From Mobile without Wifi Printer?

You can print without wifi in different ways such as Bluetooth, Ethernet, and App connection. But some old printers lack app connection, so that you can go with the rest of the two methods in this case.


Bluetooth connection is old technology, but trust me, it is still convenient and can provide enough speed to print your files. Bluetooth connection is readily available even in Printers within a few Bucks. Switch on Bluetooth and pair the device with your printer according to your phone’s instructions to connect the printer to your phone. After a successful connection, you can print your favorite files directly from your phone without an internet or wifi connection. We recommend the USB cable connection if you don’t have any range issues because it is faster and provides a secure connection via Bus topology.

USB Cable

The parcel of the printer comes with some cables and a user manual. You’ll need a USB cable for your printer to complete this method. Visit your manufacturer’s official website to look for drivers, then install them. You cannot use the USB cable connection without the right driver. After the driver installation, you connect the printer with your PC via cable, and here it’s all done. An original cable can print with more speed than compared to a local one, so make sure you got the original one.

App/ Software

Many brands have developed their printer software and apps. Install the app on your phone, log in to your account and give them access to your gallery, and here you are, ready to print your photos and documents with one click. This strategy can also be used if you want to print from an iphone without wifi. You can download the printer’s compatible app; for example, if you have Epson, you can connect via Epson iPrint, and in case you will use Canon Print Service if you have Canon Printer.

how to print from iphone without wifi
Epson iPrint App

People Also Ask

Can You Print without wifi?

Yes, you can print without wifi, all the methods we have explained above. Use an Ethernet connection if you want high speed.

Can We Print via Google Cloud?

Yes, this is a straightforward and convenient method for fast printing. But this requires an internet connection to load your documents into a queue ready to print.

Is it Possible to Use a Wireless Printer Offline?

Yes, you can print wirelessly without being connected to the internet. A wireless printer does not mean it will work only on a wireless connection; there are other primary mediums to connect your printer and device. You can use a USB cable or offline printers that work with your printer.

How Can One Print using Their iPhone Without wifi?

To print from your iphone directly, you can download the EasyPrint App from Appstore. After giving access to your gallery, it can print from your iphone without any internet connection.

how to print without wifi
Print on iPhone

Are there Printers that Don’t Need wifi?

If we look to a few years back, there was no wifi option in printers, but as technology got improved, now almost all the new printers have a wifi connection available. You are not bound only to use wifi in wireless connected printers. You can use the methods explained by our team.

Final Words

In some cases, you don’t have an internet connection or poor connection, and you can lose your files and papers in this case. On the other hand, if you have wifi but your printer does not have wifi printing, then you can use google cloud printing by connecting your printer via Bluetooth.

The apps we mentioned before came officially from the manufacturers, and without any cost, you can use these. Hopefully, our article will help in troubleshooting your issues. Feel free to contact us in case of any query.