How to Print Double Sided on Google Docs

Printing a book or bulk costs you too much if you print only on one side of the paper, and the rest of the paper gets wasted, which is not eco-friendly. On the other hand, double-sided printing saves your time and the cost of writing.

In this, both sides of the paper are being consumed and printed, which minimizes the wastage of paper. This type of printing is used in books and newspaper publishing, and this technique is considered efficient for these purposes. 

Some printers can print double-sided on google docs automatically, with a few clicks from the menu. It does your work at ease because you don’t have to flip the paper manually. But there are some old technology printers; you have to flip the paper manually to print double-sided on google docs.

Print Double-sided on Google Docs

Google Docs has a feature called double-sided printing, which allows you to print on both sides of the page. It will print the odd sides of paper first, and then pages will flip automatically, and even sides of the paper will start printing. There are many text editors, but the google docs editor is the best of all.

You can publish books, newspapers, and notes double-sided on google docs, minimizing the usage of paper. Remember, you cannot use the double-sided printing on google docs if your printer does not support the duplex printing feature. Here below is the guide on printing 2-sided on google docs. 

How to Print Front and Back on Google Docs

  • Open your chrome or any browser you are using, then go to Google Docs.
  • After getting login to your google account, you will get the option to open your document in google docs.
Open a Blank Document on Google Docs
Open a Blank Document on Google Docs
  • Now go to the menu or press Ctrl + P and click the print button. It will pop up a page with some settings.
Print Double Sided on Google Docs
Print Double Sided on Google Docs
  • Go to the more settings option. There will be an option Two-Sided; it will enable duplex printing via Google Docs when you check that box.
Duplex printing via Google Docs
Duplex printing via Google Docs
  • When you click on the print button after all the settings, it will start printing the odd sides of paper first, and after this completion, it will flip the even pages and print on them.

No Duplex Printing Option

If your printer and computer are not connected, then the double-sided printing option will not appear, And if your printer does not support duplex printing, you cannot use the double-sided printing feature. Check that the printer is connected to the device before printing. Sometimes, google docs unable to detect your destination automatically. In this case, you have to connect manually.

Why Duplex Printing in Google Docs

Duplex printing has many benefits as it saves a lot of time and expenses since the cost of paper is reduced. Moreover, this is eco-friendly and easy compared to a single printing. If you are a businessman or office employee and print a lot of stuff daily, then duplex printing is to go with as it will earn you more profit. If you print at home, it lessens the hurdles of keeping many sheets in your room. On the other hand, single printing can cost you too much, and it does not look gorgeous printing books and notes.


Double-sided printing can be done through other text editors, but google docs are the most efficient and easy to do. You have to connect your printer with the computer and follow our steps, and you are ready to go.

Hopefully, after reading our article, it will be easy for you to do double-sided printing using google docs. Why do we recommend google docs for double-sided printing? You can use the settings of Gooogle docs to print at your ease that we have listed above.

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