How To Print Business Cards On Epson Printer

A business is based on the quality of the products; how you promote and sell your services also matters a lot to convert a customer. Even if you have the ideal product, your company can suffer if you don’t know how to sell it. A Business card is a promotion that costs you little and shows the customer how professional you are. That’s why we will educate you on How To Print Business Cards On Epson Printer so that you can grow your business without spending a lot on printing outside.

We have found that these little additions of promotions are helpful, whether you are printing business cards from home or running a business. In this blog, you will learn how to design and print business cards with ease, saving your time. You can use other brand printers if you don’t have an Epson printer; just a few steps will differ.

How to Design Business Cards

It can take some time for a printer to print the business cards, but overall, it’s very easy and interesting. Before printing a card for business, you have to design it.

Choosing the Design

Choosing a unique design for your business card is the first step to presenting yourself as a professional. You must put an eye-catching slogan and attractive design on the card to make it special. Your identity, title, address, phone number, email address, and fax number are all included on a standard business card. Most feature your photo, which might help people remember you more easily.

how to design and print business cards
How To Design Business Cards

Color Scheme

After choosing the design, the next step is having a color scheme showing the type of business. A business card without defined colors can ruin your efforts because colors attract an audience. You can take the color schemes from google and use them in your design.

Programs for Business Cards

If you are unsatisfied with the pre-defined designs, you can customize and design your business card in programs such as MS Word and Canva. We recommend using Canva because it is an online program, and thousands of pre-made business cards are available. You have to take the design, and you can make a perfect business card after some editing. You can make your templates or choose from various free ones offered by Canva. After making your card, click and save the design to your computer.

print business cards from home
How to Print Business Cards at Home from Canva

Choosing the Stock for Business Cards

A great design looks perfect when it is printed on premium cardstock. There are some factors that you have to consider before purchasing a card for your business.

Type of Paper

If your card is coated with cheap paper, it will turn out with water or scratch. It is possible to purchase premium card stock thicker than common card stock. Even coating it is an option to make it feel more sturdy. Plastic is another choice, though it’s not very frequent. To ensure that it can handle this card paper, you must validate your printer.

Finish of Cardstock

Your cardstock may be strong enough to run for a long time, but if it does not have some rich and premium touch, a business card will not like by anyone. A glossy finish is the best choice to get the premium look, and it feels soothing with a gesture of your hands.

How To Print Business Cards On Epson Printer

After choosing the template and color and designing the business card, it is ready to print out. Adjust your printer’s settings and add ink cartridges; mostly, cream and white colors are used in business cards. Don’t try to print in bulk on the first attempt. First, try to print a card and check the quality. After printing a business card using an inkjet printer, wait for the ink to dry and test the overall look.

If you want to print on both sides of a business card, then check whether your printer supports this feature or not. You must flip the card manually if your printer is missing this feature. To make it perfect, check whether your design is aligned on the card or not; an irregular pattern is worth nothing. To print business cards immediately, use the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut or the print icon from the toolbar.

Cutting A Business Card

You can print 6 to 12 business cards from one cardstock. To make it clean, you need to cut its sides correctly and then smooth the corners with the tool.

People also ask

Can a Regular Printer be used to Print my Business Cards?

We recommend using an Epson printer because Epson manufactures the best printer for cardstock printing on an economical budget. You can still use a standard printer but don’t use a mono printer for printing business cards.

How to make your Business Cards at Home?

Canva is the best solution for printing business cards at home if you don’t know much about graphic design. Purchase the premium deal of Canva. Then you can access thousands of pre-designed business cards; you have to edit only. It will be high quality and unique if you use Adobe Illustrator for the graphic layout of cards.

How to Print Double-sided Business Cards?

An old printer cannot print on a business card’s front and back sides simultaneously, and you can print business cards on an Epson printer or any other printer supporting duplex printing. However, first, print the front side and then print the back side. In this way, both sides of a business card can be printed.


You have no idea how an Epson printer can be grateful and cheap to print on cardstock. This printer comes with modern technology, which allows you to print high-quality wedding invitations, and greeting cards. You will see growth in your business after delivering high-quality business cards. After our efforts, we hope you have learned how to print business cards on the Epson printer. We will be grateful to help you if you use any other printer than Epson; contact us via email or comment below!