How To Print 4×6 Photos From iPhone or iPad To Printer

You no longer need a high-end camera to take pictures if you’ve got an iPhone. Suppose you clicked many saturated and vivid 4×6 photos; you want to decorate on your wall or in a photo book for memories, so you will need to print out these photos. You have multiple ways to print 4×6 images, but in this article, we will guide you on how to print 4×6 photos from iPhone to printer.

There are alternative ways to print a 4×6 photo using a PC or laptop or go to some nearby printing shop, but customizing a 4×6 image and adjusting it till you satisfy with it is the best thing. After our guide, you are bound to nothing, and you can print your 4×6 photos from your iPhone in simple steps.

How to Print 4×6 Photos from iPhone to Printer

Printing a photo from iPhone can be done in different ways; we will explain a few here which don’t require much resources and time to complete.

How To Print 4x6 Photos From iPhone or iPad To Printer
How To Print 4×6 Photos From iPhone or iPad To Printer

Using AirPrint

Open an editing app such as Photoshop or Snapseed, then select the photo you wish to print. You will see the AirPrint Printer option; after you click the “Print” option, a window will pop up to enter the paper size and the number of copies. After you click the okay button, it will start printing.

Using the AirPrint method, you can print 4×6 photos from iPhone or iPad, only if your printer supports this feature. Professionals mainly use this technique because it does not require any extra drivers.

Using a Printing App

Hundred of apps are available to edit and print photos from your iPhone and smartphone. Although printer manufacturers also have published their product-compatible apps on Appstore and Playstore. For printing images, we have found that PhotoPrint+ is the most convenient app available on App Store. After installing and giving permissions to PhotoPrint+ you can print 4×6 photos from your iPhone using wifi.

Different Printing Apps for 4×6 Photos Printing


Shutterfly is popular among users because of its quality printing and no limit for storage free of cost. Using their service will cost you 1$ or less for one 4×6 photo.


Snapfish offers its customized printing services on mugs and cups online; however, you can use it for printing 4×6 photos. Its help and support are not much efficient, but the price range is very reasonable.


VistaPrint can print stickers, photos, garments and other stuff with stunt quality. They charge a little bit but provide premium quality 4×6 photos and ship them to your address.

Free Prints

If you have to print in bulk and want to spend less, then free prints are the best option. It offers free printing, but you have to pay the shipment charges. We have found that it is the only choice when you are looking for average printing in cheap.


If you are satisfied with your picture and want to print it out urgently, use outsourcing printing services. Nowadays, you can use Shutterfly, which is offering its service online; send them an image online with size and details; they will do this job and will ship to your destination. We recommend printing a 4×6 photo by yourself because it is more convenient, allowing you to edit and apply filters until desired results are achieved.

People also ask

How can I Print 4×6 Pictures?

There are a lot of methods to print 4×6 photos, but If you want to print on iPhone, then AirPrint is the best option. We advise you to be creative with your edits because if you hang some attractive photos on the wall, it will impress the viewer.

How to Resize a Photo to 4×6 Size?

The most popular way to resize a photo is by taking a screenshot, but we want you to know that by doing this, you can lose the actual quality of the picture and which will be ruptured. Use any image software and then select resize button from the menu; put your desired size. Using a crop function on iPhone can also resize the photo, but some areas would be cropped to fit in the frame.

Can I Print any Size Photo iPhone?

Yes, you can print any photo size on an iPhone, except its panorama. To print a panorama photo, you must add some extra steps available on our site.

How to View the Size of the Photo?

Open the gallery, select the photo and click the “details” button. Here you can see the size of an image.


You will be thinking; I don’t have a 4×6 photo, then how can I print in this image size? In this situation, you need to crop or resize the image. You can still print in the picture’s actual size, but it depends on you. We know that iPhone can capture amazing photos with a bokeh touch, so it would be a great idea to print these photos. We are sure you can print a 4×6 photo on the printer using an iPhone or iPad without any error. But after these efforts, you are still unable to do so, and the last option is taking the outside services as we mentioned above.