How to Connect Epson L3150 Printer to wifi?

The Epson L3150 printer is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it a popular choice for both business and office tasks. Unlocking the full potential of this printer requires a thorough understanding of its features. If you have yet to discover how to connect the Epson L3150 printer to WiFi, you are overlooking one of its greatest capabilities.

Whether you are an office employee or a printing business owner, leveraging the WiFi functionality of the Epson L3150 can significantly streamline your work processes and reduce costs. With wireless connectivity, you gain the convenience of accessing the printer from a wide range of devices. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the simple and time-efficient process of setting up the Epson L3150 printer for wireless printing.

How to Connect Epson L3150 Printer to wifi

You can connect your printer to wifi via two methods, which are following:

Using an LCD Screen, Connect an Epson L3150 to wifi

  • First of all, click the left or right button on the LCD screen to start the wifi setup.
  • Click the WPS or push button.
  • After you click the WPS button, it will look for the devices; select your printer from available devices.
  • In the last, enter the password to finish this process.

Setting Up the Epson L3150 without an LCD Screen through wifi

  • Click the wifi button once after the printer has been powered on.
  • Wifi will turn on just after the light blinks.
  • It will search for the routers, and your connection will be successfully created.
  • This way, you can access your printer within a limited range using the wifi feature.
how to connect epson printer to wifi l3150
Setting Epson L3150 for wifi

People also Ask

How to Connect Epson l3150 Printer to Laptop

Install the Epson Connect Setup to integrate the printer into your computer. Agree on the terms and conditions after some simple steps. After successfully installing software on your pc, you need to log in to your Epson account and click on Add device. It will start searching for the devices and then select your printer. Then click close, and here you are done!

Is Epson L3150 have High-Speed wifi

You can access the printer via a wire connection, too. The wire cost and mess are problematic. The convenient method is to use wifi which gives liability to work in a network, and the speed is quite impressive.

Why wifi doesn’t Work with My Epson Printer

This can happen due to many reasons. But primary reasons for wifi is connecting are due to weak wifi connection, or you are running old software on the printer. So make sure you have a high-speed wifi connection and the latest software installed on the printer.

How to Reset wifi in Epson L3150

Pressing the wifi or network status button for a few seconds, lights will start blinking, and after waiting for a while, the printer will forget the old wifi network. Now you can connect the printer with new wifi or the older one using the router address.


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You can print wedding invitations professionally on Epson L3150 using wifi. It does not mean an Ethernet connection wastes time and money; it’s also useful in some cases. But we have found that wifi connection is more reliable in a network having many nodes. Hopefully, after our guide, you can print from any place in your office or home at your ease using wifi printing. Contact us if you have any queries.