Which One is Better DTG vs DTF Printing

Improvements in the technologies have been making positive changes, such as DTG and DTF printing technologies; choosing which one is better has become challenging. Garments printing is increasing daily, and new small startups are coming into the competition. Every business person tries to deliver quality products to its customers.

In recent years DTG ( Direct-to-Garment ) technique has been popular for printing garments, But nowadays, DTF ( Direct-to-Film ) has taken place in the garments printing industry. You would have a question about DTG vs DTF printing; which one is the best? To make it straightforward for you, we will explain in this guide how both methods work and which is the best for your business.

DTG Printing

DTG means Direct-to-Garment printing, which transfers the design to be printed directly on your garments, such as t-shirts and hoodies. First, you have to heat the garment so the ink can be directly placed on it, and the fabric should be clean and hot enough to take the design. After the design is printed, let the shirt left until the ink gets dried. This printing works fantastic for thick stuff such as cotton and t-shirts. We have found that it does not deliver quality on thick garments such as hoodies and denim.

Dtg printing
DTG Printing

DTF Printing

DTF means Direct-to-Film and does not require heating the garments to print designs on them. An inkjet printer is used to print the image on film; you can use this printed film on your garments whenever you want. Then place the film on your garments; the design will get intense with heat and pressure. This method is gaining popularity due to its being economical—no need to worry about buying the best DTG Printer so that you can start your business. Get a powerful inkjet printer and then modify it into a DTF printer; you are ready to print on garments!

DTF Printing
DTF Printing

DTG vs DTF Printing – Which is Better?

Time Duration

DTG printing involves the initial treatment to start working and then waiting to dry the ink after printing, which takes a lot of time. On the other hand, DTF printing does not require any initial treatment place the DTF film and, with pressure and heat, print the design on the garment.


We can print directly to garments in DTG, but expenses increase due to DTF film’s involvement in DTF printing. DTG printing is time taking, so these expenses make no huge difference.


In DTG, it’s challenging to heat-press pigment ink onto every fabric because of its compatibility. Thus, this method is restricted to a particular variety of materials. But DTF uses a heat melting process and can work on any fabric, whether thick or thin.

Printing Quality

DTG printers are used by professionals and deliver quality garments printing. Outputs are outstanding, while due to the involvement of DTF film, the quality is not much stunning as DTG printers.


DTG printing is more durable and runs for a long time compared to DTF. A shirt printed using the DTG technique can bear the 50 washes and would tear off whether DTF film is not much durable and contains a lot of waste resources.

People also ask

DTG vs DTF, which one is Cheap?

If we compare the overall expenses of both printing methods, both cost the same. But if you need to print some custom designs, then DTG printing is best. DTF is very economical while printing in bulk, such as printing 100 pieces of shirts.

DTG vs DTF, which one Last Long?

Direct-to-Garment printing is popular for lasting a long. We have found that it would not fade after 50 washes, but Direct-to-Film printing starts fading after 40 washes, and the design looks terrible.

Which one is best for me, DTG or DTF?

If it’s your business startup and you don’t have enough budget to invest in a DTG printer, then a DTF printer is the right choice. But if you got the budget, the DTG printer is highly recommended due to its quality and durability.

Final Words

Both printing techniques have pros, cons, and budgets; we have covered all the features of both methods. Now it’s up to you what quality results you want in your business and what budget you will invest. Starting a business on bulk orders, DTF should be your priority.

DTG printing might be old technology, but it still assures quality results. Hopefully, you know the difference between both methods and can easily choose 1 of 2. Let us know if you still have confusion or trouble while printing, comment down below or directly reach out to our team.