Best Printers for Wedding Invitations 2022

Wedding days are essential and pleasant occasions since they mark the beginning of a new life with your partner. If you make the arrangements according to your preferences, you can take your enjoyment to the next level. On the other side, you also want to do printing wedding invitations at home, as it will save a lot of expenses that you can consume to fulfill your significant needs.

Moreover, you can design a unique wedding invitation card with full customization that will grab the attention of your guests. We have researched for you and found some best printers for wedding invitations, which can help thrive the design of invitation cards. You will not only be limited to printing only wedding invitations. Later you
can use the printer for another printing purpose.

Comparison Table

Image Name Printing Speed Resolution Price
Canon TR8620 All-in-One Printer – Best Printer To Print Wedding Invitations 10 ppm (color) 4800 x 1200 dpi Check Price
Canon Pixma TS6320 – Best Printer For Invitations 10 ppm (color) 4800 x 1200 dpi Check Price
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e – Best Printer For Wedding Invitation Business Upto 18 ppm (color) 4800 x 1200 dpi Check Price
Canon TS9521C – Best Printer for Cardstock Invitations 15 ppm (color) Upto 4500 dpi Check Price
Epson EcoTank ET-2750 – Best Printer For Wedding Invitations 8 to 10 ppm (color) 5760 x 1440 dpi Check Price

Buying Guide for Best Printers for Wedding Invitations 

Before choosing a printer for your printing invitation cards, there are some factors to be considered to get the maximum output with no regret. This guide will tell you some aspects that you did not know already.

Printing Technology 

In this golden era, technology matters a lot because things are working on the base of technology. There are two main types of printers: inkjet and Laser. Both have their best performance in different fields of work. For printing wedding invitations, inkjet printers are ideal as they use ink which gives you more sharp and saturated colors. Although inkjet printers use too much ink and can produce some sound, that’s fine.

While laser printers use modern technology, they may have more speed than inkjet printers. Still, we have found that laser printers do not perform well in printing invitation cards since our main concern is to get the maximum output, so buying an inkjet printer is value for money.

Printing Speed

You have to print many invitation cards and manage the other arrangements as well, so your printer must be fast speed. Inkjet printers are slower than laser printers. But some inkjet printers can print with detailed quality at a good speed. If you have decided to buy the best printer for wedding invitations, then have a look at the printer’s speed, and if it has a 10- 20 pages per minute speed, then it’s a good option for you.

Compatibility of Paper 

If your printer has fantastic features, but if paper compatibility is limited to a few papers. It can be a problem for you since printing wedding invitations on different paper types is rigid and glossy. Most people like glossy touch on invitation cards. It would be great if your printer could hold glossy and hard papers. As you have to print a lot of wedding invitations, you should also consider the paper holding capacity of the printer: more capacity printers make your work fast as you don’t have to feed the printer in a queue again and again.


Connectivity is another main factor you must consider to get the best printer for wedding invitations. Printers offer Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Ethernet is old technology and is mainly used in offices primarily. Since a lot of stuff is going on at the time of wedding arrangements, so you don’t have to mess up with buying wires and connecting a printer with a PC/Device. We recommend you buy a printer with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, so you have the liberty to do your work anywhere.

5 Best Printers for Wedding Invitations 

1. Canon TR8620 All-in-One Printer – Best Printer To Print Wedding Invitations

Canon TR8620 All-in-One Printer – Best Printer To Print Wedding Invitations

Canon is a well-known brand among all printer brands that offer maximum performance for photos and invitation cards. It can print the design of your choice on cardboard material with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, which is quite good compared to its price. You can scan and print the source file directly from your mobile device or cloud account. The printing speed is also satisfying as it can print up to 15 pages per minute, which means you can print hundreds of wedding invitations within hours.

It supports duplex printing, due to which your time will be saved and expenses of the paper too. It contains a 5 ink system, which means you can print wedding invitations and images with excellent and saturated colors. Due to its large touch LCD, you can efficiently operate the printer easily, whether you are an expert.


  • Due to its high DPI, it can print detailed wedding invitations
  • Printing speed is fast enough for printing invitations
  • Touch LCD puts work at ease


  • The Paper tray sometimes gets jam

2. Canon Pixma TS6320 – Best Printer For Invitations

Canon Pixma TS6320 – Best Printer For Invitations

Canon Pixma TS6320 is one of the best printers for wedding invitations due to its excellent glossy printing results. Due to its five individual ink systems, you can print vibrant and sharp wedding invitations and color photos on glossy paper. And no need to worry if an ink tank runs out of ink. You can replace a specific ink box.

You can connect a printer with a smartphone and tablet, and it will print automatically when the button is pressed, even when it is on power-off mode. Its OLED Display makes it easy for the user to define the different shades of color with more accuracy. You can use it within range of distance via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, careless of too many wires.


  • Can print excellent wedding invitations on glossy paper
  • OLED display makes easy differentiation between colors
  • The ink tank is easy to replace


  • It can produce noise while printing on cardboard paper

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e – Best Printer For Wedding Invitation Business

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e – Best Printer For Wedding Invitation Business

As the name says, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e comes on the list of best printers for wedding invitations due to its excellent performance. It can hold 250 sheets in tray and 35 pages in the queue for the automatic document feeder. Moreover, the printing speed is still at the top among all the printers; it can print up to 22 pages per minute.

There is a feature of self-healing, which is helpful if you are not a technical person, it will automatically detect the issue and then repair it under maintenance. HP smart app will give you more liberty as you can scan and print from the cloud via it. This printer would be an excellent option for you. If you are in a hurry but also want quality print invitation cards.


  • The self-healing feature is helpful for weekly maintenance
  • HP offers an official 1-year warranty
  • Printing speed is up to 22 ppm
  • Supports 2 sided printing


  • The display screen is not enough big

4. Canon TS9521C – Best Printer for Cardstock Invitations

Canon TS9521C – Best Printer for Cardstock Invitations

As we have already mentioned, canon manufactures the best printers for wedding invitations. Like other canon items, Canon TS9521C is all one printer and can be used for multiple purposes. You can print on different paper types, including canvas, glossy, and cardstock. It uses 5 ink cartridges to produce the invitation cards and photos with more vibrancy. 

It can be connected to your smart devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cable and can print with a 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution. It will be valuable for those looking for a printer that can print excellent wedding invitations. 


  • 5 ink cartridges help to print with more details
  • Compatible with papers that used crafters
  • Can handle multitasking with the best performance 


  • It lags while duplex printing

5. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 – Best Printer For Wedding Invitations

Epson EcoTank ET-2750 – Best Printer For Wedding Invitations

The last but not least, Epson EcoTank ET-2750 will work for you because its colors are so realistic you can distinguish the shades of a color. It can produce unbelievable outputs with 5760Ă—1440 dpi resolution. 

Although its printing quality is impressive, it consumes less ink regardless of its performance. It can print 5200 color wedding invitations by utilizing 30 ink cartridges. If you are too lazy to give a manual command, you use its voice-activated printing feature to print on your voice. This printer can handle your mega event at ease as there is a duplex printing mode also, which will boost your printing.


  • Voice-activated printing
  • Produce results with realistic colors
  • Less ink usage which saves the cost


  • Customer help and support are not too convenient
  • Its display screen is tiny

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Print Invitations with a Simple Printer?

Generally, it all depends on the type of paper you are about to print. Suppose a paper is rigid like cardstock, then a regular printer will not work correctly and can go out of order. Moreover, the quality of a regular printer will not be much satisfied. Since your wedding is a special and mega event, you will never want to ruin your happiness. So we will recommend investing in the best printers for wedding invitations you can also use them later.

Is DIY Wedding Invitations look Gorgeous?

In our opinion, people attract more to DIY stuff instead of ready-made stuff. Since your wedding should be a rememberable event for your guest. DIY wedding invitations look gorgeous obviously due to their uniqueness. Your efforts and creativity will define what your wedding invitations look like.

What Paper should I use for Wedding Invitations?

There are hundreds of papers, but primarily glossy, Solid, Linen, Cotton, and Parchment. These papers are not too expensive and look gorgeous and premium for official invitations.


Since a wedding is a big day of enjoyment, your arrangements and behavior can impress the guests. First, when a guest receives the wedding invitations, they will think about how creative you are, your efforts will be appreciated, and everyone will remember the theme you want to convey. If your budget is tight, you should look at our Best Printers under 200 article.

You can also print wedding invitations from the printing shop, but it would be more convenient to print them at home with the help of the best printers for wedding invitations. The products mentioned above have undergone our research and passed our primary requirements—best of luck with your best pick.