Best Edible Printers for Edible Images & Cakes

Are you looking for an edible printer that can turn your baked goods into works of art? Look no further! In this review post, we’ll guide you through the best edible printers on the market. Say goodbye to the hassle of decorating and ensure your sweet treats match the vibes of every special occasion. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, make your celebrations truly memorable with beautifully decorated cookies, cakes, and pastries.

You will wonder why the Best Edible Printers can be the right choice? When we have the option to go to some bakers and grab the chosen one. This step can be beneficial for you if you usually have to arrange events and parties or are thinking of starting a bakery business. Preparing an edible ink cake with the best edible printer is not too difficult. You could make your day special with customized cakes if you got a suitable device.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Main Feature Price
backpac Canon PIXMA TS9520 – Best Edible Printer for Cakes Works best with Icingink and Pizza sheets with fast Touch LCD screen Check Price
backpac Canon G3200 – Cheap Edible Printer Best choice for your home due to its quality printing within reasonable price Check Price
cordlessblower Canon PIXMA TS702 – Printer for Edible Images Used by experts and bakers due to its awesome 4×6 photos printng Check Price

5 Best Edible Printers

1. Canon PIXMA TS9520 – Best Edible Printer for Cakes

Canon PIXMA TS9520 - Best Edible Printer for Cakes
Canon PIXMA TS9520 – Best Edible Printer for Cakes

Canon is a well-known brand with millions of users worldwide, manufacturing the best products and competing with its rivals. Canon PIXMA TS9520 is one of the finest products popular for multitasking and the best edible printer. You can easily print your design, such as images, text, and stickers on your cake with Icinginks Ink. The size of the printer is enough to manage the large-scale printing on a mega cake and can hold 20 edible sheets in a tray.

According to our usage, the speed is 10 ppm, but in our opinion, it does not matter where a lot because since we are using it for edible printing, we should keep the patience.You are not stuck to doing only edible printing in the kitchen; you can also use it for office work such as faxing and scanning. But since it is heavyweight, carrying it to another place can be troublesome if you are single. If you are not a technical person, its Touch LCD screen is built for easy navigation.

It has a wide range of wireless connections; suppose you are in the room and do not want to go to the kitchen. You can print your design on a cake via Wireless connection with the help of AirPrint and Mopria. Icinginks Inks work best with this printer which contains five cartridges that can be refilled gray, magenta, cyan, yellow and black. You can print designs on small projects such as wafers and cupcakes using small sheets of any brand.


  • A non-technical person can easily navigate via LCD
  • Can print on small as well large cakes
  • Icinginks Ink performs best with this
  • Clean and sleek edible printer


  • The size is too big

2. PIXMA iX6820 Wireless – Best Canon Edible Printer

PIXMA iX6820 Wireless - Best Canon Edible Printer
PIXMA iX6820 Wireless – Best Canon Edible Printer

Next on the list is Pixma ix6820, used on an intermediate level, and the results are outstanding. This best edible printer lets you quickly put your design on your cookies and cake. According to our research, it worked fantastic with icing paper, but it lags while printing on a thick sheet such as a chocolate sheet, Color picking is natural but not too saturated to blow the whole design.

If you think the quality depends on the printer only, then I want to clarify that Paper type also matters a lot. A cheap paper will not pull your design with decency while a good paper such as icing paper can. It has a speed of 15 ppm for icing and chocolate paper type, which is comparatively higher than the above item. Well, you can easily use the printer with wireless printing from your android or Laptop. If you need the best edible printers for your kitchen, consider this item.


  • Works with Mac and Windows both
  • Color picking is very natural
  • Satisfying results on Icing paper
  • Price is very economical


  • Lags on chocolate paper

3. Canon G3200 – Cheap Edible Printer

Canon G3200 - Cheap Edible Printer
Canon G3200 – Cheap Edible Printer

Canon is performing well in the industry of printers and Cameras. This Canon G3200 performance is unbelievable in baking, whether a cake or chocolate. You will never experience lag while printing a font or design on bakery products. It produces output with sharp and detailed colors.

After printing on chocolate and icing sheets, we analyzed it multiple ways and found no flaws or bands. Printing quality is much more satisfying, but on the other hand, the speed is average that you can print only 3ppmm on different sheets. But it does not mean it has a weak connection. Still, it supports USB and Wifi connection which improves its working.

We think this can be an ideal printer if Canon improves its speed with any update or maintenance. If you are looking for the best edible printers for your kitchen, this device will fulfill your needs, but if you need it for your bakery shop or heavy usage, you will notice some lags due to its speed.


  • Print sharp and detailed on icing and chocolate sheet
  • Cost is reasonable as compared to features
  • It is effortless to set up and install
  • Best choice for your home


  • Missing ADF feature

4. Canon Pixma TS6320 – Best Edible Ink Printer

Canon Pixma TS6320 - Best Edible Ink Printer
Canon Pixma TS6320 – Best Edible Ink Printer

If you are looking for the finest edible printer for your home, with limited features and a reasonable price range, Canon Pixma TS6320 is for you. With all the basic features, you can still print on icing sheets. On the other hand, you can use its AirPrint and NFC Print with both side printing options.

It holds 16 colors printing at ease with device printing, such as print from your iPhone, iPad, and Computer. If you print on a cheap sheet, your text and design can be a little blurry and not much detailed as compared to the above items. The printing speed is enough to print 10 pages per minute on 13 icing sheets.

If you want to start an edible printing business at your bakery, we will suggest you go with this as it can save a lot of costs which you can spend on improvement of your shop. Since in the kitchen you will rarely use this, maybe on special events so is better to add some funds and purchase an edible printer with good features so that your event will not ruin.


  • Best choice for starting a bakery business
  • Price is very economical
  • Printing speed is quite impressive
  • Works better on icing sheets


  • Print blurry on cheap sheet
  • Performance is average

5. Canon PIXMA TS702 – Printer for Edible Images

Canon PIXMA TS702 - Printer for Edible Images
Canon PIXMA TS702 – Printer for Edible Images

I am impressed with the progress of canon in printers, and it is competing with its competitors in the best edible printers. Our research found that mostly bakers and shopkeepers used this printer for printing cakes and cookies. It prints out the design on a sheet with the most negligible errors and nearly matches the exact design, which means your small fonts will print with accuracy and detail.

You can place it in a small place due to its compact design, but performance is still beast compared to other printers. You are not stuck to printing only bakery products, and you can print your 4” x 6” photos within seconds. It contains 5 inks that combine to print hundreds of colors and gives output with full sharpness and saturation. This can be the right choice for your profession and the kitchen as it is one of the best edible printers.


  • Sharp and detailed printed results
  • The size is very compact
  • It works well with your photos
  • Recommended by bakers


  • The Voice activation printing system is not much responsive.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Best Edible Printer


Printing on foodstuffs such as cake, pastry, and cookies is very sensitive and needs to do with proper attention. Only one mistake will not only ruin your design, but your item can also blow. If you use cheap ink, colors will be less vivid and will not stick on the sheet for much time. We will recommend using ink from Icinginks because their services are pretty impressive.

Cake Made using Ink from Icinginks
Cake Made using Ink from Icinginks

Edible Sheets

Since sheets vary with the items, if you use an excellent sheet such as Icinginks sheets, a cheap printer could not work well with thick sheets. A typical printer works for cake, but if it’s a pizza sheet, it’s hard, and your printer may go out of order. To make it simple for you to choose which sheets to buy, we have identified the ones that are compatible with all printers.


According to our findings, If you want the best edible printers for your kitchen, then the speed of a printer does not matter a lot because the main factor is the quality of your event. But if you run a bakery, it must be your concern to look at printer speed.


In the end, cost matters a lot, but it does not ensure that your printer will work best for you with more money. But if you have cleared your requirements, an edible printer with a reasonable budget would be great. That’s why we chose printers within a variety of ranges.

Final Verdict

You will wonder why we have mentioned mostly canon printers; we are pleased to tell you that we have analyzed multiple brand products during our research. Epson and Canon were on the top list. We listed Canon products due to their price ranges and features. Furthermore, we tested each product under different stages and conditions and finalized these products.

If you have a sufficient budget, certain printers might be your best option, but there are additional solutions available to you if finance is limited. We hope your baker business or kitchen will love our products, and via the best edible printer, you will make a yummy and attractive cake and cookies.