Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Unlock the potential of customized products and boost your revenue with the Best DTG Printer. Discover the perfect solution for printing personalized designs and text on shirts and hoodies. Find the ultimate tool to enhance your business.

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with the perfect DTG printer for your startup. With just a DTG printer and your imaginative ideas, you can bring your vision to life. Our expert team has meticulously evaluated various options, handpicking the top recommendations based on factors like speed and affordability. Join us as we guide you in selecting the ideal Direct-To-Garment printer for your business.

Our Top Picks

Image Name Type Dimensions Price
HRM Automatic A3 T-Shirt Printing Machine Direct To Garments Prints durable and water resistant design in less than 4 minutes Check Price
HRM DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine Heat Press Detailed Printing over T-shirts with a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi Check Price
A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine Direct To Garments Navigation is smooth due to big display screen Check Price

5 Best DTG Printers

1. PUNEHOD DTF Transfer Printer – Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Best DTG Printer for Small Business
Best DTG Printer for Small Business

A3 L1800 is professional garments printing machine used by industrial experts for high-quality outputs. You can print on different types, whether dark or white: such as cotton and poly. It uses micro-piezo inkjet technology, which can print on fabrics with sharp colors, and the printed design is water and rub resistant and won’t tear off for a long time. We are much impressed by its printing speed because it can print designs with real colors in less than 4 minutes with the help of free printing software.

No need to worry about the jamming of the ink circulation system because it uses ink circulation technology which makes the speed of ink circulation fast and prevents ink clogging in a printer. If you need any assistance with a printer, you will get fast help and supports the system with a claim of 3 years of official warranty. This product can make your business profitable if you need an affordable DTG printer.


  • Fast printing on fabric in less than 4 minutes
  • Inks circulation technology increases print head life
  • The printed design is durable and water resistance
  • 3 years official warranty


  • You have to pay for the ink separately

2. HRM DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine – Affordable DTG Printer

Affordable DTG Printer
Affordable DTG Printer

HRM DTG printer is best for printing on T-shirts; no need to print the design on paper and then put it onto garments. You only need a laptop or pc with a Windows operating system and a heat press to print the design on the T-shirts directly. You can print a maximum of 210x300mm thick fabric with perfect aspects. It uses dye sublimation printing technology for high definition with a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi.

Suppose you have little technical expertise and cannot operate the machine directly. In that case, you can use its Free printing software AcroRip9.0 which makes navigation easy with a connection to the windows computer system. Due to its compact size cannot print on thick fabrics such as hoodies and sweatshirts, but it can print with high quality on the fabric under 210x300mm. We will definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a DTG printer for the T-shirt business.


  • AcroRip9.0 software makes navigation easy
  • Directly connection with your laptop or PC
  • Detailed printing over T-shirts
  • Compact size and lightweight


  • Cannot print on hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Lacks wireless connection

3. HRM Automatic A3 T-Shirt Printing Machine – Top DTG Printer

Top DTG Printer
Top DTG Printer

HRM A3 Automatic is the best DTG printer which you can fulfill your garments printing for under 5000$. You can print your favorite designs on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jeans. It also uses the same Micro Piezo Print technology as the DTF printer, but this one is far better because it comes with advanced technology. Printing speed is enough to print a design on white in under 4 minutes and black in under 6 minutes.

The total net weight of the printer is 76Kg which is quite heavy and difficult to carry. But the overall performance of the printer is still better than other products. It will cost you 0.35$- 0.55$ to print designs on different fabrics depending on the thickness. This printer will not disappoint, even printing with high duty if you seek the best DTG printer for your business.


  • Can print on thick materials
  • Uses Micro Piezo Print technology
  • Best choice for garments printing
  • Printing cost is economical


  • Difficult to carry due to heavyweight
  • It is only compatible with windows

4. HP DesignJet T650 Large Format – Cheap DTG Printer

Cheap DTG Printer
Cheap DTG Printer

HP has been manufacturing good products for many years; DesignJet T650 is an all-in-one printer that can print maps, posters, and T-shirts using different techniques. To use the design on a T-shirt, first, you have to print the desired design on a stickable sheet, and then you have to put the design on a T-shirt with the help of a heat press machine. It can print posters and sheets in a large format up to 35 inches.

Above mentioned products do not have any wireless connection, but this printer can be connected to the computer or smartphone via USB and Wifi at high speed. You should consider this product if you need an all-in-one printer for your home that can print stickers, posters, maps, and T-shirts. It will also save your ink costs because it uses less ink than its competitors.


  • Vibrant and colored designs on T-shirts
  • Fewer ink charges due to less ink consumption
  • The connection speed is fantastic


  • Cannon print without the heat press

5. A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine – Best DTG Printer for Startup

Best DTG Printer for Startup
Best DTG Printer for Startup

HRM A4 allows you to print designs directly to fabric surfaces in dark and white colors. Its micro Piezo printing technology is excellent for minor printing details without any loss or color distortion. You will be wondering to know that it can print 4 x 6 photos in 13 seconds by using 6 ink cartridges. You can print designs from your computer straight at a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi.

Before printing, you can preview the input on the display screen and make it error-free with navigation. We recommend this best DTG printer for your startup business because it can print on high-quality T-shirts at an affordable price. It is lightweight compared to the products mentioned above, so that you can carry it with little effort.


  • The display screen allows previewing the design
  • Lightweight as compared to its competitors
  • Can print 4 x 6 photos in 13 seconds


  • Ink consumption costs a lot

Buying Guide for the Best DTG Printer

Printing Quality

DTG printing includes the printing over the garments; if a printer print in cheap quality, then the design on the T-shirt will look ridiculous. This way, your fabric will get wasted and cost you too much. It will negatively impact your business in this way if you are a businessman. So never compromise on printing quality in garments printing. For this purpose, you should consider a DTG printer with 1440 dpi resolution ranges.

Best DTG printing quality
Best DTG printing quality


After printing quality, fabric matters a lot. You cannot print on hoodies or other thick garments which does not support thick garment printing. If you will do so, you print can out or order. A T-shirt DTG printer is a great choice if you need to print on thin fabrics. We have listed both types of printers, so you can choose whether to print on T-shirts or hoodies and jeans.


The garments printing industry includes professional and tough competition. To get rich results, you must use DTG printer-compatible cartridge; using a 3rd party is not recommended by developers and can ruin your design too.


Keep in mind a good budget can get you a good printer, but it will not make sure it will fulfill your all need. First, watch your requirements, look carefully at which printer falls within your criteria, and then make a purchase. If it’s the startup of your printing business, then you should consider the best DTG printer that can print on thick and thin fabric.

People also Ask

Which DTG Printer is Best for Me?

Everything relies on your needs and your financial situation. For home usage, you can purchase HP Designjet T650 and HRM startup DTG printer. The rest of the products are the best choice for your business and can manage direct garments printing even on a large scale. You can also compare DTG vs DTF printing.

Can I Use a Normal DTG Printer on Thick Fabrics?

We will not recommend using a normal DTG printer for thick fabrics printing, As they warned not to use it for printing on hoodies or jeans; otherwise, they will not let you claim your warranty. So to avoid these problems, always read the user manual within the product package.

DTG or Heat Press?

DTG stands for Direct to Garment. DTG printer can print directly on fabric without involving any external equipment. DTG printer works fast as compared to heat press. The heat press is the equipment some entry-level printers use that prints the fabric’s design under high force pressure and heat. The heat press works slower. Your deliveries for customers can be delayed using a heat press.

DTG vs Heat press

Final Verdict

Owning the Best DTG Printers would be a great step toward making your business profitable. But some factors make it easy to choose between a heat press or a DTG printer. That’s why we have included Heat Press and DTG printer along with the factors to make everything clear for you. The last addition of a touch screen in the package would be great if you cannot navigate via buttons. Hopefully, after our review and buying guide, you can easily decide on the best DTG printer.